Go Lightweight With Your Task Management App, Too

I’m not sure how this fits into a list of media apps, but this is one I haven’t mentioned before, if you’re into lightweight apps:

4 Great Lightweight Media Applications For Mac: “There are no end of GTD, or “getting things done” applications available for OS X and one of the most lightweight is Hog Bay Software’s Taskpaper. Lightweight and minimal often translates as simple and intuitive but Taskpaper does have something of a learning curve – to be sure, this should be a quick learning curve to the more technically minded, but those who wish something more intuitive might be better looking elsewhere for their time management needs.”

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Keep track of the time spent on tasks

I don’t keep track of how long I spend on tasks, but perhaps I should:

“Once installed, Tic Toc places an icon in your Mac’s menu bar. Click it to create your first task. A slip appears. Give your task a name and click Save. The task then appears in a list which shows its title, most recent modification date and time spent on it over the last day and the last week. Click Start to begin timing.”

Daily Mac App: Tic Toc | TUAW – The Unofficial Apple Weblog

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Do you spend more time on your system than on getting things done?

This writer ponders a habit that I’m guilty of when I see a new app. I call it a case of the “new and shines.” I just need to try out an app that everyone raves about:

What is Your Favorite Mac Productivity App?: “I was spending more time figuring out how to get things done – than I was actually getting things done.”

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Evernote too bloated? Try this.

If you think Evernote is too bloated, you might be interested in this alternative system:

How to Keep Your Notes Organized Across Devices With Simplenote | Mac|Life: “With Simplenote and Notational Velocity, you can keep the core functionality of Evernote’s archiving and listing system and opt out of all those other extra features that you don’t use. Don’t need add-ons and voice notation? No problem.”

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Alfred “Groups”

Now this is handy, and a feature of Alfred that is new to me:

Alfred, the incredibly useful productivity utility… | Finer Things in Mac: “Alfred, the incredibly useful productivity utility from Running with Crayons, lets you create “Groups” for launching a bunch of apps and files all at once (the Powerpack add-on is required). Add everything you want to a list, give it a keyword, and call it up whenever you want your Mac to do more of your work for you.”

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Two of the Biggest Productivity Killers of All

Well, there’s been an absence of new posts here lately. In addition to this being my busy time at work, I’ve identified two productivity killers:

  1. A new baby. My wife and I have a newborn, which sucks up most of my time when I’m not working. It’s all worth it, though.
  2. Skyrim. In what little free time that I’ve had, I’ve really been enjoying Skyrim, the latest game in the Elder Scroll series. I’m running it in Bootcamp on my 2011 iMac, and it runs and looks fantastic.

This holiday weekend, I’m hoping to find time to get caught up on Mac productivity news. We’ll see, I guess.

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Worth the Switch From Alfred?

I use Alfred, but a bad case of the new and shinies might cause me to check this out:

Quicksilver, A Cult Graphical Interface That Uses Keystrokes, Rises From The Grave | Co. Design: “What the hell does Quicksilver do, exactly? Think of it like Spotlight on steroids, with a dash of Automator thrown in for good measure: It lets you launch applications, manipulate files and settings, and design workflow macros all with the ease of a few keystrokes. “

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Wunderlist’s Big Brother

Here’s how the Wunderlist folk are going to make money, I guess:

Wunderkit Looks Like The Next Big Thing For Team Productivity Apps | Cult of Mac: “Whether you’re a small business, creative team, or a group of people needing to work together and collaborate online, Wunderkit looks like it could be the answer, thanks to 6Wunderkinder’s cloud sync backend that will power Wunderkit across a variety of platforms.”

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Bring a Mac to Work, Be Productive

And the flip side to the last story. I knew this was why I’ve been toting my Air to work:

People Who Use Macs At Work Are Richer And More Productive: “In a report released yesterday, analyst David Johnson recommended that IT departments should formally support Macs as well because the best employees prefer them and are bringing them to work anyway.”

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You’re Not Putting Your Mac on OUR Network

You might just be out of luck if you want to use your Mac to help you be more productive on the job:

IT still hating on Apple: 41% block employee-owned Macs | Ars Technica

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