Can a Productivity App Be Called the “Best” If It Isn’t Cross-Platform?

I might have to take a second look at Wunderlist, a popular productivity app that I looked at and deleted a short while ago. Why does it merit another look? Because it is cross-platform:

Wunderlist Revisited: Is It the Best GTD App Yet? | Mac.AppStorm: “A little more than 6 months later, Wunderlist now stands as one of the most popular “Getting Things Done” app, not just in the Mac, but on several other platforms like Android and iOS. What has changed since then? Let’s take a look at how Wunderlist has evolved.”

Wunderlust is avaiable for Windows, too. There are a few other productivity apps that get much buzz, like Things and Omnifocus, but they’re non-starters for me. While I’m almost 100% Mac at home, I have to use Windows at work. Since I want an app that I can use at home and at work, and since I don’t want to resort to hacks and workarounds to use a Mac-only productivity app at work, my choices have been limited.

I’ve been using Toodledo, in a Fluid instance on the Mac, but have wanted to try Things and Omnifocus. If Wunderlist is as strong as the Mac AppStorm review makes it out to be, it is worth another look. I will do so with caution, though, as my recollection from my first go-around was that Wunderlist was really just a simple list-making app.

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