Go Lightweight With Your Task Management App, Too

I’m not sure how this fits into a list of media apps, but this is one I haven’t mentioned before, if you’re into lightweight apps:

4 Great Lightweight Media Applications For Mac: “There are no end of GTD, or “getting things done” applications available for OS X and one of the most lightweight is Hog Bay Software’s Taskpaper. Lightweight and minimal often translates as simple and intuitive but Taskpaper does have something of a learning curve – to be sure, this should be a quick learning curve to the more technically minded, but those who wish something more intuitive might be better looking elsewhere for their time management needs.”

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One Response to Go Lightweight With Your Task Management App, Too

  1. Interesting article! We also made a lightweight Mac App that uses the Eisenhower matrix for organizing your tasks. You can find more Information about it on our website: http://mein-waschhaus.de/apps/eisenpower/

    Have a look! :)

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